Registration is now open for Greyhawk Reborn at MEPACON Fall 2017 in Scranton, PA on November 10-12, 2017.

We are delighted to announce we have NINE thrilling Greyhawk Reborn premiere adventures and a Saturday afternoon Keoish interactive schedules for Fall MEPACON! You can play something new every slot of the con! We are offering 5-7 tables each slot at MEPACON, so there are plenty of options for everyone! Of course, we will also have other recent and classic adventures for you to play.

Our authors and admins are thrilled with our new adventures that are premiering at MEPACON. We have part 4 of the Keoish House Adrift story revolving around House Neheli, and the interactive is a part of the tale as well. We have part 2 of each of the three Dreadwood story-arcs (Fall of the Old Guard, Dormant Nightmares, and New Growth) that we started in the spring. We have the next adventure in the Greyhawk by Night tale, and a new Gran March adventure. We have an exciting new adventure in Saltmarsh, and a new story in the Hold of the Sea Princes as well. We are also eager to debut our new type of Greyhawk Reborn adventure based upon intrigue, something a little different and distinctive for GHR. You have many terrific options to play!

The following adventure and interactive are part of the House Adrift story, and will be premiering at MEPACON. This adventure and interactive bring the story of the vacuum at the head of House Neheli to a culmination.

GHR-KEO17-09 Madhouse by Jay Stypinski, Bill Gardino, John Lent, Keith Garrigan & Dave Guerrieri
The vacuum at the top of House Neheli has hung in the air, ignored for almost two decades. Now fortune and fate have thrust you into Castle Draconis Imperius to find a way to fill the void. A four-hour Story-arc Universal Dungeon adventure for character levels 1-16, and Part 4 of the House Adrift story.

GHR-KEO17-IA04 Crowning Glory by GHR Staff
A leader for House Neheli has now been found, and a celebration and coronation is in order. Songs shall be sung, drink shall be drunk, and much festivity shall be had by all. A four-hour Story-arc Social Urban interactive adventure for character levels 1-16, and Part 5 and the conclusion of the House Adrift story.

The following adventures are part of the Dreadwood story arcs, and will be premiering at MEPACON. We are excited to bring these adventures to our players.

GHR-KEO17-10 Playing with Faerie Fire by Scott Davenport & Dave Guerrieri
Late last night, when we were all in bed, a forest fire broke out and is now threatening a village in the Dread. Once again, the Dreadwalkers ask brave adventurers to assist in fighting a danger from the forest. A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness adventure for character levels 1-6, and Part 2 of the Fall of the Old Guard story.

GHR-KEO17-11 Growing Concerns by Ken Watkins & Dave Guerrieri
Nightmares haunt Tulath’s dreams again. Will the brave assist him again? Adventure and challenges await those that wish to help Tulath with his growing concerns inside the Dreadwood. A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness for character levels 1–6, and Part 2 of the Dormant Nightmares story.

GHR-KEO17-12 Lifting the Veil by Ryan Radgoski & Dave Guerrieri
As the fey are returning to the Dreadwood, tension is rising within the ranks of the Dreadwalkers. In the midst of this stress, something foul is bubbling up in the Hool Marsh, and a Dreadwalker is poisoned. Will you go retrieve this poisoned Dreadwalker before time runs out? A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness adventure for levels 3-8, and Part 2 of the New Growth story-arc.

The following adventure is the introduction of our new intrigue story arc, which will provide a unique experience for our GHR players. We are thrilled to present this to you. Please see the special note regarding this adventure at the end of the blurb.

GHR-KEO17-14 Old Salt, New Wounds by Casper “Ninja” Sams & Dave Guerrieri
In the current climate of the Empire knowledge is power. Gradsul has a need for knowledge, and is looking for help to acquire it. Anything overtly hostile could be the spark that lights a political powder keg, so discretion is an absolute must. Will you prove your resourcefulness and loyalty? A four-hour Story-arc Social Urban Intrigue adventure for characters level 1-10, and Part 1 of The Best Laid Plans story. NOTE: This adventure is focused on resourceful problem solving rather that open combat. The ‘Intrigue’ tag represents a greater focus on skills and roleplaying. Understand as a player, actions may have great and sudden consequences.

The following adventure is the next tale in our Greyhawk by Night series, and will be premiering at MEPACON. John Lent and Keith Garrigan are eager to add another chapter to their story. Please see the special note regarding this adventure at the end of the blurb.

GHR-GBN17-06 It Was Not Meant That We Should Voyage Far by John Lent & Keith Garrigan
You have found that there is more below the dark surface of the water than you ever expected. Is it sea-elfish to help save the world once again, if only because you happen to live on it? Are the issues raised too deep for you to handle? A one-round undersea dungeon delve set in the Iuz Territories for level 12 characters. Part 3 of the Waiting Dreamer story arc. [Targeted toward mature audiences, all GHBN adventures deal with content that might be objectionable to some audiences. Moral ambiguity, graphic violence, and other darker themes will be explored. Parental guidance is advised.]

The following adventures will be premiering at MEPACON, and we are delighted to present them to our players.

GHR-GM17-04 The Tempest by Sam Tagliaferre
Shaky is in need of your skills and your discretion. His niece B has been taken by the Dread Pirate Bob. If you accept, meet Shaky in Lortenford with all haste. Bring your floaties, because you are going to be in deep part of the pool, matey. All jobs should be this simple! A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness adventure for character levels 5-16.

GHR-KEO17-13 Time to Face the Music by Sam Garrigan with contributions from Joe Krull & Keith Garrigan
You are contacted by the Silent Ones to investigate a series of murders in Saltmarsh. Is it a serial killer or something more heinous? A four-hour Stand-alone Social Urban adventure for character levels 8-12.

GHR-SEA17-06 That’s Not in the Script by Samantha & Anthony Keller
Word has reached the eastern and western parts of the Sea Princes regarding the special properties of the Tuyo fruit. With intentions of getting rid of script for good, both Sir Kinth and Lady Eiylan have sent a travelling party to negotiate with Mayor Valerie. So why are indentured servants so happy to be here? A four-hour Story-arc Social Urban adventure for character levels 3-8, and Part 1 of the Building Branches story arc.

NOTE: As you sign up for adventures, please note the level ranges of the adventures scheduled for each slot. We have some adventures with a wide range of levels, and we have scheduled some of them at a smaller level range than what the adventure offers, allowing for a better play opportunity with smaller level ranges of players at the table.

MEPACON Fall takes place at the Hilton Scranton and Conference Center (100 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503) in downtown Scranton. Rooms may be reserved at the rate of $124 a night for standard king or double rooms. Please call 570-343-3000 to make your reservations. Any remaining rooms are returned to the hotel’s inventory for public availability.

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We looking forward to seeing you at MEPACON!

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Scott Davenport will be DMing Village of the Glammed at The Game Chateau in Wilkes-Barre Township on Sunday, October 29 at 2PM. Find more information and RSVP here on Facebook.

An D&D adventure set in the classic world of Greyhawk and part of Greyhawk Reborn (GHR) organized play. New players welcome & no experience is necessary. Optional character creation will be available 1 hour before the 2pm start for those who do not want to pre-generate character. Players with established GHR characters are welcome at the table (adventure is for levels 1-6).

Village of the Glammed
Strange rumors are coming from the village of Cold Spring which sits on a minor tributary of the Janustream River. Visitors to the town report a variety of unusual happenings such as rain falling only on a small garden, mysterious globes of light floating through the trees and strange noises that have no source. Captain Simeon Ecuyer of the Dreadwalkers is concerned and is offering a bounty for anyone discovering the source of the disturbances and puts a stop to these unnatural shenanigans.

Reminder: there is a $5 fee for playing at the Game Chateau (promotions may be available)


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