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***** Registration is now open for BFG Con *****

Greyhawk Reborn at BFG Con – Frederick, MD – Friday through Saturday, March 23-25

BFG Con is a 1st-year convention taking place in Frederick, MD from Friday, March 23 through Sunday, March 25 at the Clarion Inn & Event Center, 5400 Holiday Drive, Frederick, MD 21703. We will be offering 8 slots of Greyhawk Reborn games at BFG Con with over 40 tables of play. We are planning a Geoff battle interactive special event as well as 6 other premiere GHR adventures. We are excited to be at the inaugural BFG Con, and hope to make it an annual GHR stop. You may find more details and sign up at

Our Greyhawk Reborn premiere adventures at BFG Con follow:

Register for games on Warhorn here:

GHR-BIS18-01 Strike While the Iron is Cold by Marc Berlove, Paul Casagrande & Ben Eastman

The escalating threat of dark fey is of growing concern to the Baron of Skogund. His chamberlain is looking for adventurers to assist in securing resources to combat the scourge that is troubling Wood’s Edge and Quietmouth. A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness adventure for character levels 1-8, and Part 4 of the “Trouble in Wood’s Edge” story.

GEO18-03 Hibernation by Matt Dunn

In the Bright Winter of the Feywild, a tribe of savage bearfolk wage a barbaric war. Are you prepared to drink, fight, and wrestle with the guardians of winter? A four-hour Story-arc Universal Planar/Wilderness adventure for character levels 5-8, and Part 2 of the Blooming Flowers and Falling Leaves story.

KEO18-04 His Brother’s Keeper by Jay Stypinski, Dave Guerrieri, & John Lent

Soon after the tragic death of Lord Darren, Lady Neheli’s fears deepen and you are once again called upon to aid her family. The darkness that has befallen the House grows deeper with each passing day. Are all these terrible events isolated or can you find the hidden thread that binds the Neheli’s to a single destiny. A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness adventure for character levels 5-16, and Part 3 of the Sibling Rivalry story.

KEO18-05 Grave Secrets by Casper “Ninja” Sams & Dave Guerrieri

Seaton sits largely empty, a shell of the thriving coastal town it once was. Now it is home to criminals, misfits and miscreants, as well as the gods know what else. Are you willing to enter this city of mystery to uncover the secrets it is hiding? A four-hour Story-arc Social Urban adventure for character levels 5-12, and Part 2 of The Best Laid Plans story. NOTE: This adventure is focused on resourceful problem solving rather than open combat. The ‘Intrigue’ tag represents a greater focus on skills and roleplaying. Understand as a player, actions may have great and sudden consequences, and the players at the table drive the direction of this adventure.

KEO18-06 New Ways of Newcombe by Benson Sherman with Dave Guerrieri

The village of Newcombe is under new management and the Free and Independent Kingdom of Nume Eor sees an opportunity to expand its sphere of influence. They are calling upon adventurers to assist them in this goal. A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness adventure for characters level 3-8, and Part 2 of the Disruption story-arc

GHR-VAL18-01 Githerments for Peat by Steve Mumford, Michael Lawrence & Matt Tyler

“Consarn it, hold yer horses, ah’m comin,’ ah’m comin.’ And put yer damn bows down, it ain’t like ah’m gonna be tryin’ nothing stupid or anythin,’ anyway. You guys came t’ME fer help, after all. Yeah, yeah, I’m hurryin.’ And ah’ll still bet ya a week o’ lentils that‘m prob’ly gonna need some help, though. And you there, there’s a black field kit sittin’ around somewhere behind that box o’ grubs, make sure you grab that afore we leave.” A four-hour Stand-alone Universal Wilderness adventure for character levels 3-6.

GHR-SPE18-01 Shadow of One’s Self by GHR Staff

Something is stirring in the Dim Forest, casting a shadow in an already gloomy place. Groups from Geoff, Bissel and the Knights of the Watch have congregated upon the area and are asking for your help. A four-hour Stand-alone Tactical Battle Interactive Special event for character levels 1-16.

Greyhawk Reborn at MEPACON – Scranton, PA – Friday through Saturday, April 27-29

MepaCon Spring will be held at the Hilton Scranton & Conference Center 100 Adams Avenue Scranton, Pennsylvania from Friday, April 25 through Sunday, April 27. Greyhawk Reborn will be offered all 7 slots of MepaCon, and we are planning a Dreadwood interactive special event as well as 7 GHR premiere adventures. More details on MepaCon can be found at

We are still looking for author/DMs for all of these events, so if you are interested in helping with GHR, please let us know.

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New rules options from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything have been added to the campaign! See more info in our documents tab.

Greyhawk Reborn (GHR) is looking for a volunteer to assist us on our website. We currently have four members on our website and media team, including two who have been doing a great job maintaining the website and posting new articles.

We are looking for someone that knows websites inside and out, up and down. You will be helping the Greyhawk Reborn campaign staff by being a part of the GHR Website and media team, working within the administrative structure. Specific tasks would include:

• Planning and executing design

• Maintaining and upgrading service

• Designing and improving functionality

• Developing site navigation by categorizing content

• Maintaining and expanding site efficiency and utilization

• Ensuring cross-platform availability

• Upgrading site by updating content and graphics, monitoring performance and results, suggesting and implementing improvement options and introducing new technologies

• Protects website security

We expect that the much of the work will involve improving and expanding upon our website. We have some clear ideas of what we want the website to do, and are looking for expert guidance on how best to accomplish our goals. We are currently using WordPress and Doteasy.

As mentioned above, we have two dedicated and efficient people who are doing a terrific job adding content to the website, and we are looking for someone who can manage, improve and enhance the site behind the scenes, increasing its functionality. We anticipate adding logins with separate credentials (admins get access to admin areas, Keoland writers get access to general writers and Keoland writing areas, etc.). We plan on having forums, as well as other increased functionality.

If you are interested in helping Greyhawk Reborn in this position, please contact Dave Guerrieri at


Dave Guerrieri,

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We at GHR are looking for someone with skills in accounting and financial services in regards to creating an LLC and providing financial and tax advice regarding our organization on a pro bono basis. The person should be familiar with Pennsylvania tax regulations, as well as federal. We don’t anticipate a lot of questions or time to be involved. So we are looking for an accountant.

If you are interested in this, or know of someone who would be willing to volunteer to help, please let me know at

Thank you!

Dave Guerrieri,
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