**** Looking for web help ****

GHR is looking for a volunteer to assist us on our website. We currently have four members of our website and media team, including two who have been doing a great job maintaining the website and posting new articles.

We are looking for someone that knows websites inside and out, up and down. You will be helping the Greyhawk Reborn campaign staff by being a part of the GHR Website and media team, working within the administrative structure. Specific tasks would include:

  • Planning and executing design
  • Maintaining and upgrading service
  • Designing and improving functionality
  • Developing site navigation by categorizing content
  • Maintaining and expanding site efficiency and utilization
  • Ensuring cross-platform availability
  • Upgrading site by updating content and graphics, monitoring performance and results, suggesting and implementing improvement options and introducing new technologies
  • Protects website security

We expect that the much of the work will involve improving and expanding upon our website. We have some clear ideas of what we want the website to do, and are looking for expert guidance on how best to accomplish our goals. We are currently using WordPress and Doteasy.

As mentioned above, we have two dedicated and efficient people who are doing a terrific job adding content to the website, and we are looking for someone who can manage, improve and enhance the site behind the scenes, increasing its functionality. We anticipate adding logins with separate credentials (admins get access to admin areas, Keoland writers get access to general writers and Keoland writing areas, etc.). We plan on having forums, as well as other increased functionality.

If you are interested in helping Greyhawk Reborn in this position, please contact Dave Guerrieri using the subject line “Website & Media Team” at info [at] greyhawkreborn [dot] net

Dave Guerrieri,
GHR Lead

***** Greyhawk Reborn at MEPACON Spring 2017 *****

Registration is now open for Greyhawk Reborn at MEPACON Spring 2017 in Scranton, PA on March 24-26, 2017.

We are pleased to announce we have six exciting Greyhawk Reborn premiere adventures and a Saturday afternoon Dreadwood interactive! You can play something new every slot of the con! We are offering 6-8 tables each slot at MEPACON, so there are plenty of options for everyone! Of course, we will also have other recent and classic adventures for you to play.

Our authors and admins are very pleased with our new adventures that are premiering at MEPACON. We have three new Dreadwood stories all kicking off at MEPACON, and the interactive. They share many common elements among them. We also have the first two parts of a new nautical-themed story arc starting. It is something a little different and distinctive for Greyhawk Reborn. We also have our next installment in our Greyhawk by Night tale. You have many terrific options to play!

We are thrilled to begin a series of stories converging on the Dreadwood Forest and those that protect it, the Dreadwalkers. Scott Davenport, Ryan Radgoski, Ken Watkins and I (the authors) are delighted with the direction the stories take, and look forward to sharing them with you. The MEPACON interactive is part of these story arcs.

The following adventures and interactive are part of the Dreadwood story arcs, and will be premiering at MEPACON:

GHR-KEO17-03 Village of the Glammed by Scott Davenport, Ryan Radgoski & Dave Guerrieri
Strange rumors are coming from the village of Cold Spring, which sits on a minor tributary of the Janustream River. Visitors to the town report a variety of unusual happenings such as rain falling only on a small garden, mysterious globes of light floating through the trees and strange noises that have no source. Captain Simeon Ecuyer of the Dreadwalkers is concerned and is offering a bounty for anyone discovering the source of the disturbances and puts a stop to these unnatural shenanigans. A one-round Story-arc universal wilderness adventure for levels 1-6, and Part 1 of the Fall of the Old Guard story.

GHR-KEO17-04 Hungry Eyes of the Dreadwood by Ryan Radgoski, Scott Davenport & Dave Guerrieri
Stretched thin by internal unrest and personnel concerns, the Dreadwalker patrols have allowed a band of ferocious gnolls to break into the Dreadwood. Now farmsteads are being attacked and the Dreadwalkers sent to hunt the creatures down have gone missing. Are you brave enough to head into the Dreadwood and deal with this infestation? A one-round Story-arc Universal Wilderness adventure for levels 1-10, and Part 1 of the New Growth story.

GHR-KEO17-05 Beneath the Surface by Ken Watkins & Dave Guerrieri
A local drunk asks for an escort to an unclear spot in the woods. No details, nothing offered but the promise of payment and a course that leads into the Dreadwood. Will this voyage end up wasting time and resources or is there something more beneath the surface? A one-round Story-arc Universal Wilderness adventure for levels 1-4, and Part 1 of the Dormant Nightmares story.

GHR-KEO17-IA02 To Hunt the White Stag by GHR Staff (interactive)
Braggarts, bards and storytellers have collected stories about the Great White Stag and those who claim to have seen it. For some it is a tale of weal. For others it is a story of woe. Sages and prophets have also claimed that the White Stag is a great omen forewarning that change is coming to the region. A white stag has been seen running wild throughout the Dreadwood. A call has gone out for brave souls to find the stag and discover what omen it brings and whether it is for good or ill. A one-round Universal Wilderness Interactive for levels 1 to 16.

The following adventures are part of our Rampant Sea Lion story arc, and will be premiering at MEPACON. Rich Marflak and his crew of authors have developed a wonderful long-term story arc, and they are excited to begin it at MEPACON.

GHR-NAU17-01 Gone Fishing by Eric Gorman, Joe Marflak, Rich Marflak, Abe Menechella and Mike Panetta
Sir Fyendarson is interviewing young, heroic, loyal Keoish adventures, who have skills in sailing and ship repair, to crew his personal fishing yacht. He also seeks a cleric, with the travel domain, preferably of Fharlanghn or Keoghtom, to be the chaplain on his ship. It would seem he is planning an extended fishing trip, in dangerous waters, that must be very important to him. A one-round Story-arc Universal Nautical adventure for level 1 characters, and Part 1 of the Rampant Sea Lion Story-arc. Note: While creating characters for this adventure and story arc, players should keep in mind that the character you play in this adventure will be employed on a ship. Please take into consideration that only loyal Keoish citizens of good alignments will be considered for this long-term employment. It is also encouraged that characters give consideration to choosing options from the Rampant Sea Lion additional character options.

GHR-NAU17-02 Retrieving Some Flotsam by Eric Gorman, Joe Marflak, Rich Marflak, Abe Menechella and Mike Panetta Part 2 of the Rampant Sea Lion Story Arc:
Fyendarson needs his new crew to undertake a mission involving Usundra, an old fey nemesis of Anglar, and recover an item sacred to the worshipers of Keoghtom that Rêve believes is in her possession. Timing is poor, with the last of his senior officers on another mission and Fyendarson being pressed by Ryb Attok, an old merchant rival recently turned antagonist, to defend himself before Anglar’s Village Council. A one-round Story-arc Universal Nautical adventure for level 1-2 characters, and Part 2 of the Rampant Sea Lion Story-arc. Note: PCs must play Part 1 of this story arc, NAU17-01, Gone Fishing, before playing this adventure.
In addition, the following adventure is the next tale in our Greyhawk by Night series, and will be premiering at MEPACON. John Lent and Keith Garrigan are eager to add another chapter to their story. We will also be offering some “open fiesta” slots for Greyhawk by Night, as well as other recent GBN adventures.

GHR-GBN17-04 A Placid Island of Ignorance by John Lent & Keith Garrigan
Something fishy is going on in the village of Cel Connah. Will you be able to resist the sirens call, or will you all be wet behind the ears when the morning sun rises? A one-round urban social-investigation module set in the Iuz Territories for level 10 characters. Part 1 of the Waiting Dreamer story arc. [Targeted toward mature audiences, all GHBN adventures deal with content that might be objectionable to some audiences. Moral ambiguity, graphic violence, and other darker themes will be explored. Parental guidance is advised.]

MEPACON Spring takes place at the Hilton Scranton and Conference Center (100 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503) in downtown Scranton. Rooms may be reserved at the rate of $124 a night for standard king or double rooms. Please call 570-343-3000 or go online to http://www.scranton.hilton.com and use the group code MEPA16 to make your reservations. Any remaining rooms are returned to the hotel’s inventory for public availability.

The fine folks at MEPACON sent me a special link with a special URL that they you can use to do the reservations on the Hotel tab. Here it is, for your convenience:


More MEPACON Con information can be found at http://mepacon.com/, and game registration is available on Warhorn at https://warhorn.net/events/mepacon-spring-2017.

Note: There have been some recent additions and subtraction to the Greyhawk Reborn schedule for MEPACON. If you signed up before this “registration is open” email, please take a look at the schedule to see if the changes have affected your schedule, and make any necessary changes.

For more information regarding Greyhawk Reborn, you may use the following links:

our Greyhawk Reborn website at http://www.greyhawkreborn.net/

our GHR Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/greyhawkreborn/

our GHR Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/greyhawkreborn

our Greyhawk Reborn Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/GreyHawkReborn

our GHR Yahoo Group at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/ghr/

our Greyhawk Reborn Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/greyhawkreborn

For any questions you may have about Greyhawk Reborn, please contact info@greyhawkreborn.net

We looking forward to seeing you at MEPACON!

Dave Guerrieri,
GHR Lead

Hello Everyone,

It was another great weekend of Greyhawk Reborn gaming, roleplaying and story-telling at Dreamation in Morristown, NJ this past weekend! We enjoyed judging and playing with all our familiar faces, and loved meeting and gaming with our new players! We ended up running 20 tables of Greyhawk Reborn over the weekend, including 3 tables of Let Freedom Ring, our GHR Interactive.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the people who helped make Greyhawk Reborn at Dreamation a great success!

First, everyone who sat down and played at one of our GHR tables. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the games, and that is our first priority, everyone having fun. I had a blast at the tables I played and DM’ed. Thank you for choosing to spend some of your valuable time with our campaign.

The biggest thank you to our DMs for Dreamation: John LeDonne TJ Shorb, John Lent, Jay Stypinski, Sam Tagliaferre, and Bill G. You folks are the reason for the player’s enjoyment. Our campaign is dependent upon the quality of our judges, and our repeat play and continued growth shows how good you are. I’ll put you folks up against any other campaign out there!

A big thank you to Roland, Les, Willie and the rest of the Dreamation RPG crew. Hats off to your folks!

As for where can you play next, well, here are some upcoming events:

Gad Con in Aberdeen, MD on March 4 & 5, 2017, registration is now available athttps://www.warhorn.net/events/gad-con-2017

MepaCon Spring 2017 in Scranton, PA on March 24-26, 2017, information is available athttp://mepacon.com/

For more information regarding Greyhawk Reborn, you may use the following links:

our GHR website, at http://www.greyhawkreborn.net/

our GHR Facebook Group, at https://www.facebook.com/groups/greyhawkreborn/

our GHR Yahoo Group, at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/ghr/

our GHR Facebook page, at https://www.facebook.com/greyhawkreborn

our GHR Game Day page, at https://www.warhorn.net/events/greyhawk-reborn-game-day

For any questions you may have about Greyhawk Reborn, please contact Dave Guerrieri at info@greyhawkreborn.net

Thank you again for choosing to spend some of your valuable time to participate in our Greyhawk Reborn campaign!

Best Regards,
Dave Guerrieri,
GHR Lead