Thank you to WashingCon for a wonderful first con with them. Labyrith games were great hosts and we had an awesome turnout. We ran 10 tables of GHR over the weekend. Many new players this weekend had a lot of fun and people seemed to be eager for more events. Thank you to Ben EastmanBrennan GreeneBrian Bertrand and Marc Berlove for running engaging adventures.

We are looking for hosting some more game days soon. Thank you all very much!

– Matt Dunn

Greetings fellow gamers!

It was another extraordinary weekend of story-telling and fun in Harrisburg, PA this past weekend with Greyhawk Reborn at Gamers of Summer! We enjoyed judging and playing with all our familiar faces, and really loved meeting and gaming with our new players! We ended up running 25 tables of Greyhawk Reborn over the 6 slots of the convention.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the people who helped make Greyhawk Reborn at Gamers of Summer 2017 a great success!

First, everyone who sat and played at our GHR tables. We consider Greyhawk Reborn a shared story telling experience between our DM/authors and our players, and that was certainly evident this weekend. Dice were rolled, monsters were vanquished and innocents were saved. Lots of fun was had, lots of laughter ensued. That is our first priority, everyone having fun. Your spare time is very valuable, and we thank you for choosing to spend some of your valuable time with our campaign.

The biggest thank you to our GMs for Gamers of Summer 2017: Anthony Keller, Samantha Keller, Keith Garrigan, Jay Stypinski, John Lent, Sam Garrigan, Marc Berlove, Sam Tagliaferre, Benson Sherman, Joe Krull, Dave Peterson and Luke Wilson. You folks are the reason for the player’s enjoyment. Our campaign is dependent upon the quality of our judges, and our repeat play and continued growth shows how good you guys are. I’ll put you folks up against any other campaign out there!

A big thank you to Doug Howard and the rest of the Gamers of Summer 2017 staff. You folks are friendly, helpful and adaptable. Hats off to your folks!
We are planning on a GHR game day in the Harrisburg area ine early October, and will be at both MEPACON in Scranton, PA and Trident Con in Parkville, MD in mid-November.

For more information regarding Greyhawk Reborn, you may use the following links:
our GHR website, at
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our GHR Facebook page, at
For any questions you may have about Greyhawk Reborn, please contact Dave Guerrieri at info [at]

Thank you again for choosing to spend some of your valuable time to participate in Greyhawk Reborn!

Best Regards and Happy Gaming,
Dave Guerrieri,
GHR Lead

We at GHR are looking for someone with skills in accounting and financial services in regards to creating an LLC and providing financial and tax advice regarding our organization on a pro bono basis. The person should be familiar with Pennsylvania tax regulations, as well as federal. We don’t anticipate a lot of questions or time to be involved. So we are looking for an accountant.

If you are interested in this, or know of someone who would be willing to volunteer to help, please let me know at

Thank you!

Dave Guerrieri,
GHR Lead