The addition of art to the campaign provides a strong visual component to the creative world of Greyhawk. Artists should have experience in graphic design, conceptual design and/or geographical design. While we intend to stay true to the Greyhawk setting as the Flanaess is rebuilt, it needs new, updated representations of maps and cartography; renderings of monsters and NPCs; and icons of Greyhawk heraldry.


  • Maintain an open line of communication with GHR staff.
  • Be proficient with necessary graphics-based programs.
  • Deliver requested content by specific deadlines.
  • Utilize feedback offered by GHR staff to further develop content
  • Have willingness to learn or knowledge of the Greyhawk setting.
  • Have reliable internet access.
  • Have strong time management skills.
  • Support GHR in a positive light in all public forums.

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