Campaign Group Organizers

Many of the old Living Greyhawk organizations still exist while new organizations are developing. CGOs assist in developing a Campaign Group by managing it and acting as a point-of-contact for the group as it develops and expands. One new and exciting feature to the Greyhawk Reborn’s Campaign Groups is their focus on role-play to immerse players into the world. Currently, a small list of Campaign Groups exist, including guilds, religious groups, military groups and political groups within each region of the campaign with new Campaign Groups being introduced via story.


  • Create player investment in the GHR campaign.
  • Design and oversee GHR campaign group.
  • Produce and maintain campaign group documents necessary for GHR flavor and history.
  • Maintain an open line of communication with GHR staff.
  • Be proficient with a word processor program.
  • Utilize feedback offered by GHR staff to further develop campaign group submissions
  • Have willingness to learn or knowledge of the Greyhawk setting.
  • Have reliable internet access.
  • Have strong communication skills.
  • Have strong game mechanics skills and knowledge.
  • Have strong time management skills.
  • Support GHR in a positive light in all public forums.

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