Do you enjoy playing Greyhawk Reborn? Did you want to see Greyhawk Reborn in your area? Do you want to make a difference in the world of Greyhawk? If you’re interested in what we are doing and want to see us expand, take a look below to see how you can help us improve and shape the Greyhawk experience for our deep-rooted Greyhawk enthusiasts and newly introduced Greyhawk fans!

We anticipate that the campaign’s growth will also draw creative, reliable, and exuberant people willing to join and volunteer to add to the campaign. As more regions become available for play, we plan to implement guilds and professions for players to join, a full-fledged free-standing website, and in-character forums for posts. To do so, we need authors and volunteers to play and promote Greyhawk Reborn in their local areas. Not only are the PCs affecting the story, but also players impact the story as we plan to bring Greyhawk Reborn off the table and into the virtual world. How fast Greyhawk Reborn grows and how far it expands is up to the players. The Greyhawk Reborn Admins look forward to the journey!


Authors are an important part of the our living campaign. Greyhawk Reborn needs authors and Dungeon Masters willing to create adventures and run them at game days and conventions. Several regions are currently available for adventures, the most developed being the Hold of the Sea Princes and Keoland. Authors work with regional leads to build adventures that impact Greyhawk Reborn’s storyline. The GHR Admins are excited to work with authors in our current GHR footprint and encourage other authors to help us expand Greyhawk Reborn into new areas. We seek groups of writers to develop a small area working with the regional leads, gaming stores, and convention organizers to expand the GHR footprint. Visit our Author and DMs Page for more information.


The addition of art to the campaign provides a strong visual component to the creative world of Greyhawk. Artists should have experience in graphic design, conceptual design and/or geographical design. While we intend to stay true to the Greyhawk setting as the Flanaess is rebuilt, it needs new updated representations of maps and cartography, renderings of monsters and NPCs, and icons of Greyhawk heraldry. Visit our Artists Page for more information.


With great authorship comes great editors. Editors review, edit, modify, consolidate and format across the various written documents of the campaign. They get a sneak peak of new adventures, get to work on supporting documents to improve the campaign integrity, and provide the service of improving each document to provide an incredible play experience for players and a simple, efficient document for DMs. Visit our Editors Page for more information.

Campaign Group Organizers

We expect many of the old Living Greyhawk organizations still exist while new organizations are developing. Campaign Group Organizers (CGOs) assist in developing a Campaign Group by managing it and acting as a point-of-contact for the group as it develops and expands. One new and exciting feature to Greyhawk Reborn’s Campaign Groups is their focus on role-play to immerse players into the world. Currently, a small list of Campaign Groups exist including guilds, religious groups, military groups and political groups within each region of the campaign with new Campaign Groups being introduced via story. Visit our CGOs Page for more information.

Specific Area Organizations

Specific Area Organizations (SAOs) are a vital part of Greyhawk’s return to fame. SAOs are a group of people (4-8) in a real-world, geographical area that develop a specific location in Greyhawk. The group is responsible for creating storylines, writing adventures, running adventures, developing regional groups, and organizing events. The group works with the GHR Leads to preserve campaign continuity. The specific location to be developed in Greyhawk can range from one specific town and surrounding area to a large area such as a province or even a small country. The GHR Leads approve an area based on the in-game location, the geographical location, the number of SAOs offering to organize and the available player base. Feel free to contact the GHR Leads to petition for a particular location of interest. Visit our SAOs Page for more information.

Do you want to be part of the Greyhawk Reborn experience? If you are interested, fill in the form below including your applicable skills and gaming background:

Expect an email from one of the GHR Leads that will introduce himself or herself and work with you one-on-one through the “Getting Involved” process. During that time, we will get to know you and your skills and give you specialized instruction based on your position(s) of choice!

Do you have something specific in mind that you can offer that is not listed above? We are interested in hearing from you! Send us an email to info@greyhawkreborn.net with the bulleted information listed above and tell us about your ideas.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Campaign:

What is Greyhawk Reborn?

Greyhawk Reborn is a new living-style campaign based in the legendary World of Greyhawk using the D&D 5E rules!
Greyhawk Reborn began in 613 CY (now 615 CY) and picks up 15 years after the end of the Living Greyhawk campaign, using those events as inspiration for our campaign. It is a dark, dire world where people have fled from the wilds, looking for the protection of fortified villages and towns. The roads are no longer safe to be traveled without protection of some sort. To be out at night is just foolish!

It is just the kind of world where heroes are needed.

Once again explore one of the oldest, most beloved campaign worlds of all time as those heroes. The world of Greyhawk will come alive again as your characters, your HEROES, wander upon the lands of Oerth, pushing the darkness back.

Venture forth anew in the realm that brought you classics such as The Village of Hommlet, White Plume Mountain, Against the Giants, Slavers, and the Living Greyhawk campaign. Revisit places such as Saltmarsh, Greyhawk City, the Vast Swamp and the Amedio Jungle.

Create new player characters in your favorite world, with classic races and classes. Create mighty warriors, powerful wizards, saintly clerics and dubious rogues. Your characters and their actions will help shape the world.

Why Greyhawk Reborn?

Our primary goal is to entertain—players and DMs alike—while supporting the gaming community. We felt an absence in the gaming community; we used to get together often, at conventions and game days. Gamers came together from all over, sharing tables and stories. We met so many great gamers, and great people, players and DMs who made us better players, DMs, and more importantly, better people.

It is time to bring that community back and to see the gaming community come together and grow once again.One of the main goals of the Greyhawk Reborn campaign is to bring gamers together. As such, the game is offered primarily at conventions and game days. We believe the more often gamers get together, and the greater the number of gamers that get together, the greater the benefits to the gaming community.

What is a “living campaign”?

A living campaign springs from the idea that a home-style roleplaying campaign can be expanded to include tens, hundreds, or even thousands of different players and characters. In essence, when you play an adventure, other players with other characters can experience the same adventure, and maybe have a completely different experience than you. So many players (and many characters) can share the world, share the experiences, and still have some not-so-shared experiences.

Greyhawk Reborn is a new type of living campaign where adventures are created, written and judged by the DM. With the authors running their own adventures, players experience a unique and fantastic play opportunity at tables where the DM remains versatile during storytelling.

One of the main principles of our living campaign is that character actions can have a lasting impression. For instance, during a royal wedding festival, the local rogues guild has a contest in which a Quall’s Tree Token is to be placed in the most outrageous or inappropriate location. If your character places the Tree Token in the reflection pool in the royal palace, it may show up there in future adventures. You (and your character’s) actions have meaning!!

What are the guiding principles of the Greyhawk Reborn campaign?

  • Have fun. Everyone at the table should be a part of the enjoyment of everyone else. Everyone seated at the table is sacrificing time and/or money to be able to play this particular game, including the DM.
  • Story is king. The campaign staff strongly believes that Greyhawk Reborn is a shared storytelling campaign. Every adventure is meant to involve you and your character in the World of Greyhawk.
  • Invest players in the campaign. You and you character should be able to become as fully immersed in the world of Greyhawk when you play an adventure.
  • PC actions have consequences. You, and your player character, likely wish to become stuff of legends. Together, we strive for fun, interactive play opportunities to help your PCs reach legend status. However, there are also consequences for each PCs actions—some rewarding and some not-so-much.
  • Role-playing and roll-playing are not mutually exclusive. We are all aware that different play styles exist. Our DM versatility promotes a respectful and entertaining experience to all play styles.
  • Expand the campaign. We strive to involve as many people in the creative process as possible to help the campaign grow.

Is Greyhawk Reborn backed by Wizards of the Coast?

We are not backed or endorsed in any way by Wizards of the Coast. Since we are not distributing created adventures, we are not violating any intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast, since the DM is the creator and running their own adventures. However, I did send an email to a member of WotC (you’d know the name, would rather not repeat it here), telling them briefly what we were planning, and if it was within the legal boundaries. They said yes. Needless to say, I still have that email.

Is it available where I live? Will it be available?

Right now, Greyhawk Reborn is only available in the vicinity of Mid-Atlantic States and Los Angeles, California, where our current player base and DMs live. Our events are available from south-central PA to northeastern PA to the northern NJ axis, and are expanding quickly. You can expect to find us at MepaCon—both fall and spring, DexCon, Dreamation, FalCon, 1d4Con and other conventions in the northeast. We also currently have game day events in both the central PA area and the northern NJ area. See a full list of our appearances at local gaming stores and conventions on our Calendar.

As it grows and expands, we would love to include more areas. We need more people to help create and DM adventures, as well as perform other tasks that a well-run, well-organized living campaign needs to thrive. And that is where you come in. Check out our Getting Involved page for more information.

The World of Greyhawk

What is Greyhawk?

Greyhawk is one of the first, and one of the oldest, published campaign settings. Originally published by TSR, and now owned by Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro, the Greyhawk setting is one of the most loved and deepest detailed settings in the history of roleplaying.

What does the Flanaess of Greyhawk Reborn look like?

It is no longer safe to be out at night. It is dangerous to travel from town to town, except in groups. The night somehow seems darker, more sinister. Only the very powerful travel alone or after dark. Or the very foolish.

What was once thriving farming hamlets are now walled villages. Towns are heavily fortified. Only the desperate are outside the safety of town walls at night; even the farmers travel to the fields to mind their crops during the day, returning to the protection of civilization at dusk.

Goblin, kobolds and their ilk fill the vast spaces between towns now, bullied by hobgoblins, and gnolls, and orcs. It is said that their evil grows stronger each day. There are likely fouler, more evil masters above them, such as trolls, and giants, and drow, with even more hideous evil creatures above them. It is even rumored that great fiends and other abyssal creatures now sit at the top rung of the ladder, with the strong ruling the weak.

What were once powerful, unified empires have now become small city-states, barely controlling the territory with a day’s ride of their walls. Kings, lords and nobles now clash against one another, trying to become the one who is able to unite the various small political entities. Some want to do it for the benefit of all, others only to feed their own egos and power.

No, it is not a safe world anymore, not since The Breaking.

Why a “points-of-light” campaign again? Why is it so dark?
When Living Greyhawk ended, things were somewhat stabilized.

The idea actually started with a home game we were doing in Keoland after LG ended. We had left Keoland rather fragmented. I kow, I was the Keoland triad that left it there. A large part of “Breadbasket of the Sheldomar Valley” was destroyed (think Sherman’s March to the Sea). Not only were the existing crops wiped out, this ruined much of the arable land in Keoland. The land upon which the Army of the Returned marched is still barren and infertile 15 years after the fact (hey, that could be a story arc itself).

Many of the Keoish citizens in the way of the Army of the Returned were killed and reanimated as some form of undead. Many fine Keoish soldiers perished in the last battle against the Invasion in Niole Dra, as well. So even right after the victorious final battle, many citizens of the Empire were dead. With food destroyed and land barren, this led to much starvation in the ensuing year, as well the widespread disease that usually follows such strife, and crime.

Some of the remaining backstory as I remember from other LG adventures were that the Flight of Fiends was a ruse by Iuz, who used that trick to aid him in his ascension to full godhood. With Iuz departed from the Flanaess, and the Flight of Fiends a ruse, we pictured fiends being loosed upon the Flanaess, as well as the remains of both Iuz’s army and the Army of the Returned let loose upon the lands. To my mind, there was calamity all over the lands of Greyhawk as LG ended.

So, to our thinking, with little food available, and disease, starvation and crime on the rise, it seems likely that those remaining would look for shelter in the protection of towns, villages and cities. Protection in numbers, and all that. Most villages and towns have been fortified with protective walls and other such devices. Add in the rapid proliferation with which humanoids breed, and it seems likely to us that orcs, goblins, gnolls, kobolds and the like would quickly fill the empty spaces in the countryside. That makes Keoland, and the Flanaess, once again a dangerous place outside city walls. very much like it was in the Greyhawk of 1E, the famous “gold books”, where the populations of cities and countries was much smaller than the 3E Greyhawk Gazetteer numbers. We feel it gives it a very old school “Gygaxian” feel.

At least, that is my recollection of the end of LG, after re-reading many of the adventures. Maybe my recollection is no better than President Reagan’s.

Creating a Character:

Can you write < insert old LG character name here > into Greyhawk Reborn?

We’d prefer you to play a new character. Create a son, daughter, or apprentice of some we all once knew. Players should focus on what you want to do now, not what was done in the past. Living Greyhawk was a wonderful time, and provides some magnificent memories, but it is time to move forward with newly trained characters, prepared to take on the world.

Can I play a << insert currently unavailable class or race here >>

Greyhawk has traditionally been a human- and demi-human-centric world, so having what are commonly thought of as monsters as playable races in the campaign is not really an authentic “Greyhawk flavor”. Several Greyhawk sub-races of humans, creating racial traits and features for those races to match the flavor and background of Greyhawk are accessible in the GHR Campaign Guide and Sourcebook. As the campaign grows, we hope to add other playable races through story progression.

Growing the Campaign:

Are there plans to coordinate plot arcs at all?

We have multiple story arcs planned for each of the regions currently under development. We anticipate that, as Greyhawk Reborn naturally develops, we will create new plots and story arcs, and adapt existing ones as players influence the world. The campaign staff plans to initiate and review plot narratives and story arcs, create adventure records, and oversee authors and other volunteers as we expand into new areas. Consequently, more regions will become available for play, and we would love to have a plethora of writers willing to work with the campaign staff to tell stories through playable adventures.

Isn’t GHR limited with no distribution? How can it grow in the future?

We anticipate that the campaign’s growth will also draw creative, reliable, and exuberant people willing to join in and volunteer to add to the campaign. As more regions become available for play, we plan to implement Guilds and Professions for players to join, a full-fledged free-standing website, and in-character forums for posts. To do so, we need authors and volunteers to play and promote Greyhawk Reborn in their local areas. Not only are the PCs affecting the story, but also the players as we plan to bring Greyhawk Reborn off the table and into the virtual world. How fast Greyhawk Reborn grows and how far it expands is up to the players. The Greyhawk Reborn Admins look forward to the journey!

Why have only the authors run their own adventures?
Why can’t you send me some Greyhawk Reborn adventures to run at my game day or convention?

We’ve discovered multiple effects of authors acting as DM for their own adventures. It provides a unique play opportunity at the table. Authors no longer have to write 30+ pages of detailed backgrounds, encounters, box text and appendixes. Consequently, they can sit down to DM at a table with nothing more than a few pages of written text (including monster blocks) to guide players through the adventure. DMs can “roll-with-the-punches” from table to table, making modifications when PCs creatively decide to go off the beaten path, and tweak combats and NPC reactions without affecting the overall continuity of the adventure. In addition, running as the creating DM allows us to avoid the legal issues of distribution and intellectual property, while allowing gamers to share in the renowned world of Greyhawk.