Samantha McMullen

Samantha McMullen
Samantha McMullen

Favorite Games: Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, New World of Darkness, Wilderness of Mirrors, Dread, The Last of Us, Pokemon, and Monster Hunter

GHR Adventures Written: More Than Meets the Eye (with GHR staff)

I started gaming in 2005 during D&D 3.5 when my fiancé, and fellow GHR Admin, Anthony, convinced me to give it a try. Who would have thought that one Wednesday after school at Gaming Club would lead to a 9-year relationship with my fiancé and 11-years of gaming? We barely had time to dabble within the Living Greyhawk setting before the campaign ended, so I kept busy with other tabletop games. D&D remained closest to my heart, so when Anthony told me he was contacted by Dave Guerrieri to bring Greyhawk back with the new D&D 5th Edition rules, I was ecstatic. I started as an avid player, although quickly accepted my seat at the Admin table, and wrote and ran my first adventure in 2014.

I currently manage many roles within GHR. First and foremost, I am Co-Admin of the Hold of the Sea Princes with Anthony. We manage the plots, stories and the overarching fate of the Sea Princes. In addition, I also act as the Lead Editor, Formatting Expert, Media Assistant, Convention Support Assistant and Author. I consider myself an assistant to the other Admins offering my talents of organization, scheduling and previous event management to step in to help when needed.

Anthony Keller

Anthony Keller
Anthony Keller

Favorite Games: Dungeons & Dragons, Monster Hunter, Pokèmon, Dragon Quest

GHR Adventures Written:
Serpent Situations story arc, New Beginnings story arc, Temple of Nershia (with Dave Guerrieri), Across the Jeklea Bay (with Dave Guerrieri) Disappearing Hatchlings, More Than Meets the Eye (with GHR staff)

Life-long gamer, first-time dad. Pokè-maniac, and I have caught them all. If it has to do with big, bad, monsters, I’m down with it (and even more for a good battle taking them down)!

Keith Garrigan

Favorite Games: Dungeons and Dragons, Settlers of Catan, Munchkin, Ticket to Ride, anything baseball related

GHR Adventures Written:
Sewing the Seeds arc, More Than Meets the Eye (with GHR staff)

I’ve worn many hats over the years and do the same at In Turn Games. A Fine Art degree, 15+ yrs of sales experience, coaching and now teaching elementary school make up the short list of my resume. I’ve got 2 beautiful, intelligent daughters, an equally as talented son (intern Carroll) and my beautiful wife of 23 yrs. I’ve gamed since a friend introduced me with a sheet of graph paper and some downtime in our junior high library- no dice, just story. I love the story and played 1st edition, then 2nd and was excited about 3rd until it became a game of mechanics and not role-playing. After a short break I’m back gaming again and love that the first line of the basic rules states that D&D is a role-playing game about storytelling.

Dave Guerrieri

Favorite Games:
Dungeons & Dragons and Golf

GHR Adventures Written: A Road Less Traveled (with Dave Peterson) , Piece of Mined, Dead to Rights, Baptism by Fire story arc, High Horses, Temple of Nershia (with Anthony Keller), Across the Jeklea Bay (with Anthony Keller), More Than Meets the Eye (with GHR staff)

Full time technology educator teacher nearing retirement. Golfer who is not quite a good as he thinks he is. Married to wife Linda, with two-stepchildren and a grandson. Spends way too much time doing things other than gaming. Playing D&D and Greyhawk since summer of 1980, became involved with the RPGA’s Living Greyhawk game with the advent of 3E in 1999-2000. Prime Minister of the Regulators, one of the premiere gaming groups of LG. Keoland Triad member from 2005 until the end of the campaign, and a LFR admin for a time as well.

Authors and Dungeon Masters

Greyhawk Reborn’s distinct experience of the author as the DM provides unique flexibility to adventures. Consequently, authors must be willing to not only create adventures, but also run them at gaming community gatherings like game days and conventions. Authors work with the GHR Leads to create adventures that effect Greyhawk Reborn’s story. At this time, the most developed regions currently in play are the Hold of the Sea Princes and Keoland. We are currently accepting petitions for areas within these developed regions. Authors interested in different regions should see Specific Area Organizations.

Authoring DMs have…

  • a hand in writing the mod that they are running, so they have the ability to mold the storyline at the table via player interactions with the story.
  • flexibility and knowledge of the importance of each mod to ensure that players receive the maximum player experience with each path that PCs choose within the story.
  • an understanding for each interaction, combat and character in the mod and can utilize their understanding of their mod to adjust accordingly when interacting with PCs.
  • the opportunity to adjust the mod to cater on the spectrum of role playing to roll playing to suit the personalities of players at the table.
  • the privilege to take player responses to mold and shape future mods making the campaign primarily influenced by the players and the authors.
  • encouragement and support from the GHR staff to author and DM their mods as often as they like to expand the Greyhawk player base.


  • Run their adventures at gaming gatherings such as game days or conventions.
  • Maintain an open line of communication with GHR staff.
  • Be proficient with a word processer program.
  • Deliver adventure submissions, edits, final adventures and ARs by specific deadlines.
  • Utilize feedback offered by GHR staff to further develop adventure submissions.
  • Work with the GHR staff to expand plots and stories.
  • Have willingness to learn or knowledge of the Greyhawk setting.
  • Have reliable internet access.
  • Have strong communication skills.
  • Have strong game mechanics skills and knowledge.
  • Have strong time management skills.
  • Support GHR in a positive light in all public forums.

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