May 5 Gameday at Dream Wizards in Rockville, MD

Hello fellow gamers! Greyhawk Reborn is eager to bring you the following GHR play opportunities! This is a wonderful opportunity for all the gamers that play GHR at BFGCon to come out and play some more Greyhawk Reborn!

*** Registration & Sign-ups now open for this game day ***

We will be offering 2 slots of 2 tables each at Dream Wizards. Signups are now open for this GHR Game Day Event!

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Registration now open for MEPAcon!

***** Greyhawk Reborn at MEPACON Spring 2018 – Scranton, PA – Friday through Sunday, April 27-29 *****

Registration is now open for Greyhawk Reborn at MEPACON Spring 2018 in Scranton, PA on April 27-29, 2018.

We are thrilled to announce we have SEVEN thrilling Greyhawk Reborn premiere adventures and a Saturday afternoon Interactive Special Event scheduled for Spring MEPACON! You can play something new every slot of the con! We are offering 5-6 tables each slot at MEPACON, so there are plenty of options for everyone! Of course, we will also have other recent and classic adventures for you to play.

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Looking for accounting volunteer

We at GHR are looking for someone with skills in accounting and financial services in regards to creating an LLC and providing financial and tax advice regarding our organization on a pro bono basis. The person should be familiar with Pennsylvania tax regulations, as well as federal. We don’t anticipate a lot of questions or time to be involved. So we are looking for an accountant.

If you are interested in this, or know of someone who would be willing to volunteer to help, please let me know at

Thank you!

Dave Guerrieri,
GHR Lead