John ‘Blaise’ Lent

Creature Catalog Entry for “Blaise”
MOVE: 30″
% IN LAIR: 75
NO. OF ATTACKS: variable
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Surprises on 1
only by magic weapons
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
SIZE: 6′ tall
Attack/Defense Modes: All

The Blaise is a dangerous inhabitant of the seventh layer of the Empire State. It Is typically encountered either at a role-playing game convention, at a public service event, or in its lair (a comfortable three-bedroom suburban home CA 1920).  Although it originated in the swamps as part of a group of crazed immigrants, who subsisted mostly on pirogues and cabbage, it has since evolved, developing an exoskeleton that resembles a not for profit executive.

Creatures with true seeing can penetrate the façade to reveal the horrific Eldritch horror that lives beneath the pink exterior.   Over the last two decades it has spent its free time developing dangerous dungeons designed to devastate Dudley Dorights, both physically and mentally.  It can also successfully impersonate an adventurer, which skill it uses to learn how to amuse and confuse mortal heroes.  It can be summoned using a ritual contained in the Book of Faces, but only the foolish or the fearless would venture to do so.

Matt Dunn

Matt Dunn

Hi everyone, I’m Matt Dunn. I’ve been playing RPGs for about 20 years including all editions of DnD and many many others. I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia where I teach choir in a public middle school. I’m happy and excited to help out with the campaign and field any questions you may have as a player or prospective writer.

TJ Shorb

TJ Shorb
TJ Shorb

Favorite Games: Dungeons and Dragons 3rd/5th, Magic: The Gathering, Savage Worlds, The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, both Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises (they both have their ups and downs), Pokemon, Monster Hunter.

GHR Adventures Written: Hidden Horrors Story Arc within the Sea Princes, More Than Meets the Eye (with GHR staff)

D&D has been part of my life since 3.5 was released. Now, more so than ever. I played Magic: The Gathering for about five years competitively. I continue to do so casually entering tournaments that may be nearby. The strategy and different playstyles along with constant changing happening makes the game always new and interesting. Along with this, Pokemon and the Monster Hunter series continue to be my go-to games when I’m travelling. They both allow me to be competitive and cooperative with all of my friends and fellow gamers.

Samantha McMullen

Samantha McMullen
Samantha McMullen

Favorite Games: Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, New World of Darkness, Wilderness of Mirrors, Dread, The Last of Us, Pokemon, and Monster Hunter

GHR Adventures Written: More Than Meets the Eye (with GHR staff)

I started gaming in 2005 during D&D 3.5 when my fiancé, and fellow GHR Admin, Anthony, convinced me to give it a try. Who would have thought that one Wednesday after school at Gaming Club would lead to a 9-year relationship with my fiancé and 11-years of gaming? We barely had time to dabble within the Living Greyhawk setting before the campaign ended, so I kept busy with other tabletop games. D&D remained closest to my heart, so when Anthony told me he was contacted by Dave Guerrieri to bring Greyhawk back with the new D&D 5th Edition rules, I was ecstatic. I started as an avid player, although quickly accepted my seat at the Admin table, and wrote and ran my first adventure in 2014.

I currently manage many roles within GHR. First and foremost, I am Co-Admin of the Hold of the Sea Princes with Anthony. We manage the plots, stories and the overarching fate of the Sea Princes. In addition, I also act as the Lead Editor, Formatting Expert, Media Assistant, Convention Support Assistant and Author. I consider myself an assistant to the other Admins offering my talents of organization, scheduling and previous event management to step in to help when needed.

Anthony Keller

Anthony Keller
Anthony Keller

Favorite Games: Dungeons & Dragons, Monster Hunter, Pokèmon, Dragon Quest

GHR Adventures Written:
Serpent Situations story arc, New Beginnings story arc, Temple of Nershia (with Dave Guerrieri), Across the Jeklea Bay (with Dave Guerrieri) Disappearing Hatchlings, More Than Meets the Eye (with GHR staff)

Life-long gamer, first-time dad. Pokè-maniac, and I have caught them all. If it has to do with big, bad, monsters, I’m down with it (and even more for a good battle taking them down)!