Dave Guerrieri

Favorite Games:
Dungeons & Dragons and Golf

GHR Adventures Written: A Road Less Traveled (with Dave Peterson) , Piece of Mined, Dead to Rights, Baptism by Fire story arc, High Horses, Temple of Nershia (with Anthony Keller), Across the Jeklea Bay (with Anthony Keller), More Than Meets the Eye (with GHR staff)

Full time technology educator teacher nearing retirement. Golfer who is not quite a good as he thinks he is. Married to wife Linda, with two-stepchildren and a grandson. Spends way too much time doing things other than gaming. Playing D&D and Greyhawk since summer of 1980, became involved with the RPGA’s Living Greyhawk game with the advent of 3E in 1999-2000. Prime Minister of the Regulators, one of the premiere gaming groups of LG. Keoland Triad member from 2005 until the end of the campaign, and a LFR admin for a time as well.

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