With great authorship, comes great editors. Editors review, edit, modify, consolidate and format across the various written documents of the campaign. They get a sneak peak of new adventures, get to work on supporting documents to improve the campaign integrity, and provide the service of improving each document to provide an incredible play experience for players and a simple, efficient document for DMs.


  • Maintain an open line of communication with authors and GHR staff.
  • Must have access to Microsoft Office 2010 or newer
  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Word.
  • Must be able to provide feedback in a constructive, structured manner
  • Must have strong skills in spelling, grammar, editing and reviewing content
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Have willingness to learn or knowledge of the Greyhawk setting.
  • Have reliable internet access.
  • Have strong communication skills.
  • Have strong game mechanics skills and knowledge.
  • Have strong time management skills.
  • Support GHR in a positive light in all public forums.

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