Four New Campaign Documents

—A new GHR Campaign Guide book with all sorts of goodies, pertaining to the campaign moving forward!

—An expanded options guide with information about campaign specific races other character options!

—A GHR Rules guidance, which is helpful for rules questions in some grey areas!

—And probably the most important document moving forward and getting ready for events like Gamers of Winter, a conversion document. This document is to get characters ready to move forward for the check points and treasure points system we plan to begin using starting January 2019!

We look forward to seeing your smiling faces in 2019, as we share wonderful stores and fling some dice together!

Best Regards,
Anthony Keller
GHR Admin

Conversion Guide-01.02.2019

Expanded Options – Google Docs

Greyhawk Reborn Players Guide 2018.12.26 – Google Docs

Greyhawk Reborn Rules Guidance

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