Gettysburg Gameday and MEPAcon Fall

Greetings Gamers!

We have reminders and announcements as we move through the month of Patchwall in Greyhawk and towards winter in the Flanaess.

Sign-ups are now open for two upcoming events!

We will be running some Greyhawk Reborn adventures at Fourcorners Comics and Games in historic Gettysburg, PA on Saturday, October 27, 2018! We are offering 2 slots (10:30 am to 2:30 pm, 4 pm to 8 pm) with 2 tables a slot, and a few seats are still open. There will be a $3 charge for players for each slot. Fourcorners Comics and Games is in downtown Gettysburg at 42 Baltimore Street, with parking nearby. A good look at Google maps or a similar app will provide all the information you need to plan your visit.

We will also happy to announce our schedule for Fall MEPACON in Scranton, PA on November 16-18, 2018 (Friday through Sunday).

We will be offering the following Greyhawk Reborn Interactive Special Event:

GHR-ISE18-04 Twilight Falls by GHR Staff

For last 16 months, an unnatural fog has rippled from the Vesve Forest, across Whystil Lake, northern Furyondy and into the Empire of Iuz. In its wake horror and death have gripped the people. Citizens of Crockport have been the victims of a masked serial killer. A failed revolution in the city of Ixworth left thousands dead, and an army of creatures of the night under the command of Ixworths’ Baroness marches southward. The waters of Whystil Lake bubble like a cauldron, and the sea elves have warned that something horrible beyond words has awakened in its depths. And at the heart of it all, a small cabin lays abandoned in the darkness of the Vesve Forest, seeming to pulse with palpable evil. Will the heroes be able to bring a new dawn of life and hope, or will the lands of the north fall into a perpetual twilight of madness and terror? A four-hour Story-arc battle interactive for character levels 1-16 set in the region surrounding the Empire of Iuz, and the conclusion of Season 1 of Greyhawk by Night. NOTE: There is a strict 6 player limit at level 11+, and only characters who have at least one Tritonic Key from GHR-GBN17-06 It Was Not Meant That We Would Voyage Far may participate at that tier. It is encouraged but not required for characters level 1-10 to play Deeper than the Sea (GHBN 16-02) or Punishment Indiscreet (GHBN 17-02) before participating in this event.

In addition, we have the following 4 Greyhawk Reborn premieres planned for Fall MEPACON:

GHR-KEO18-19 All Hell Breaks Loose by Kyle McCleaf with Dave Guerrieri
Several Haven residents have gone missing the past couple of weeks and the local watch have investigated to no avail. A relative of one of the missing has asked for your help in the search for his brother. A four-hour Story-arc Tactical Combination adventure for character levels 1-4, and Part 1 of the Agdorath’s Uprising Story-arc.

GHR-KEO18-20 The Tide Went Out by Marcus Drexler & Josh Brown with Casper “Ninja” Sams & Jay Stypinski
The Tidebreaker has gone missing after a powerful storm struck in the Azure Sea. Duchess Maressa Linth Rhola requests your aid in investigating the loss of a valued diplomat and her retinue. Will you sail into dangerous waters on behalf of the Duchess of Gradsul? A four-hour Stand-alone Tactical Wilderness Adventure for characters 5-10.

GHR-UND18-01 Shaping Connections by TJ Shorb
The dwarven council knows of the location of a valuable piece to the puzzle. Its location is somewhat known. Wits, silver tongues and a little bit of luck will take you a long way. However, will it be enough? A four-hour Story-arc Social Urban/Dungeon adventure for character levels 3-10, and Part 1 of the Collecting the Beginnings story arc.

GHR-WK18-01 Vote Your Conscience, by Casper “Ninja” Sams with Dave Guerrieri
Everyone knows that times change, but what do you do when things don’t change fast enough? The free city of Westkeep has an upcoming election, and more than one interested group would like to influence the outcome. Pick your agenda, pick your methods, and make change happen! A four-hour Story-arc Social Urban adventure for character levels 5-13, and Part 3 of The Best Laid Plans story. NOTE: This adventure is focused on resourceful problem solving rather than open combat. The ‘Intrigue’ tag represents a greater focus on skills and roleplaying. Understand as a player, actions may have great and sudden consequences, and the players at the table drive the direction of this adventure.

MEPACON Fall takes place at the Hilton Scranton and Conference Center (100 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503) in downtown Scranton. Rooms may be reserved at the rate of $124 a night for standard king or double rooms. Please call 570-343-3000 to make your reservations.

More MEPACON Con information can be found at, and game registration is available on Warhorn at

To sign up for our Gettysburg GHR Game Day, you may go to the Greyhawk Reborn Warhorn page:

We should have our Greyhawk Reborn convention schedule for early 2019 ready to be released in a week or two, so stay tuned for that information!

For more information regarding Greyhawk Reborn, you may use the following links:

• our GHR website, at

• our GHR Facebook Group, at

• our GHR Game Day page, at

• our GHR Yahoo Group, at

• our GHR Facebook page, at

We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming events!

As always, if you have any questions, issues, or just want to share something, please email

Best Regards,
Dave Guerrieri,
GHR Lead

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