Jay Stypinski

Jay Stypinski here, avid gamer since about 1980 when I got my first Basic D&D Set as a Christmas present.  Since then, I’ve played 1E, 2E, 3 and 3.5, 4.0 (ugh) and 5E, as well as many other games including Villains and Vigilantes, Call of Cthulhu, Top Secret, Spycraft, Shadowrun, and Castle Falkenstein, among others.  I assisted the Living Greyhawk Keoland Triad for a bit by editing and writing Special Missions, wrote a few mods and co-authored an IA for LG as well.  I’m a huge Greyhawk fan, it’s the world I grew up playing in, and love the WOG’s rich history of peoples, places and especially villains.  Currently, I am helping out Greyhawk Reborn in any capacity needed from writing GHR adventures and IAs set in the Sea Princes region to editing adventures for the new Dyvers region. I also love painting fantasy miniatures. I’m happy to be aboard!

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