July 2018 DEXcon Warhorn Registration

***** Signups Now Open for Greyhawk Reborn at Dex Con 2018 on July 5-8 in Morristown, NJ *****

Hello fellow gamers,

Sign-ups are now open for Greyhawk Reborn at Dex Con on Thursday through Sunday, July 5-8, 2018 in Morristown, NJ. We have 6 terrific premieres plus an exciting interactive special event planned among our 35+ tables of Greyhawk Reborn goodness.

Here is the link to the Greyhawk Reborn Dex Con Warhorn page: https://www.warhorn.net/events/dexcon-greyhawk-reborn

GHR-SPE18-03, Lights Out is our interactive special event for Dex Con. The fate of a nation hangs in the balance, firmly in the hands of our players! More information on this special event is below.

GHR-SPE18-03 Lights Out by GHR Staff

There is a time to follow the light and a time to bathe in its glory. Now is the time to decide who is worthy for the light to shine upon. A four-hour Story-arc Social Investigative interactive special event for characters level 1-17 that will determine the fate of the Theocracy of Ravonnar.

Our GHR premiere adventures at Dex Con are:

GHR-GBN 18-03 The Blade and the Needle by John Lent & Josh Zenker

Things are surprisingly safe these days in the Empire of Iuz. But a current of dissension lays just beneath the surface. The city of Kindell is cracking-down on the resistance, and the heroes need to choose a side. A four-hour Stand-alone Social Urban adventure set in the Empire of Iuz, for character levels 2-5.

GHR-KEO18-13 The Miscreant, the Misfit, and the Margrave by William Gardino, Jay Stypinski, Joe DeBari, & Anthony Keller

The March of Mareman has been ruled for decades with an iron fist by the Margrave. The demi-humans that have recently moved in to Mareman have taken the brunt of the harassment. Recently a journal has been found containing sensitive information coloring the Margrave in an unflattering light. Will you help recover the journal or start a rebellion. A four-hour Stand-alone Universal Urban adventure for character levels 1-10.

GHR-KEO18-14 Beyond the Black Tower by John Lent, Dave Guerrieri, & Jay Stypinski

Stoakdor now commands the Black Tower, and Pross Redlee Neheli wishes justice for his uncle. He has found a new colleague who also has no love for Stoakdor. Will you go to the Black Tower one final time to end the threat once and for all? A four-hour Story-arc Tactical Dungeon adventure for character levels 11-17, and the conclusion of the Sibling Rivalry story.

GHR-KEO18-15 Hidden in Plane Light by William Gardino

Three years ago, heroes fought to bind the Shaft of Light to the plane of Elysium, but no “brave” heroes stayed behind to guard it. With the Ravonnarites leaving the Sheldomar the artifact must be moved after being wrested from whatever being has claimed it for its own. A four-hour Stand-alone Universal Planar module set on the plane of Elysium for character levels 11-16.

GHR-KEO18-16 Lighting the Torch by William Gardino & Dave Siroonian

For five years the Fortress Ravonnar has been a point of Light for the Sheldomar Valley or at least has tried. An emissary from the independent City of Westkeep has an offer that may see Ravonnar’s wish come true or its greatest fears realized. A four-hour Story-arc Universal Adventure for character levels 1-10 and the conclusion to the Guiding Light story arc.

GHR-SEA18-02 A Day Late and a Silver Short by Dave Petersen

A party comprised of the most capable adventures in the Sea Princes are requested to come to the aid of Madam Sylenia in the city of Hokar. The Madam has received word that a dungeon not far from the city of Hokar, contains the key to something she desires. Whether the promise of treasure, or simply the desire to return something of value to the madam. A deadly dungeon adventure awaits! A four-hour Story-arc Tactical Dungeon adventure for character levels 11-16, and Part 3 of the City of Hokar storyline.

Dex Con 2018 is at the Morristown Hyatt and Conference Center in Morristown, New Jersey.

You may register for Dex Con at http://www.dexposure.com/dexcon21i.html – registration is open until Sunday, July 1

Additional information on the convention at http://www.dexposure.com/dexcon21.html

Once you have registered for Dex Con and signed up for Greyhawk Reborn games through their system, we would ask that you go to our GHR Warhorn site for Dex Con. We ask that you please also sign up for your GHR games on Warhorn. That will allow the Greyhawk Reborn staff to do some pre-mustering before the convention, and will also allow you to see how tables are shaking out. You may follow this link to the GHR at Dex Con on Warhorn: https://www.warhorn.net/events/dexcon-greyhawk-reborn

Please remember you need to register for the con separately.

For more information regarding Greyhawk Reborn, you may use the following links:

We look forward to seeing you at Dex Con!

Best Regards,

Dave Guerrieri,

GHR Lead

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