Looking for website team volunteers

Greyhawk Reborn (GHR) is looking for a volunteer to assist us on our website. We currently have four members on our website and media team, including two who have been doing a great job maintaining the website and posting new articles.

We are looking for someone that knows websites inside and out, up and down. You will be helping the Greyhawk Reborn campaign staff by being a part of the GHR Website and media team, working within the administrative structure. Specific tasks would include:

• Planning and executing design

• Maintaining and upgrading service

• Designing and improving functionality

• Developing site navigation by categorizing content

• Maintaining and expanding site efficiency and utilization

• Ensuring cross-platform availability

• Upgrading site by updating content and graphics, monitoring performance and results, suggesting and implementing improvement options and introducing new technologies

• Protects website security

We expect that the much of the work will involve improving and expanding upon our website. We have some clear ideas of what we want the website to do, and are looking for expert guidance on how best to accomplish our goals. We are currently using WordPress and Doteasy.

As mentioned above, we have two dedicated and efficient people who are doing a terrific job adding content to the website, and we are looking for someone who can manage, improve and enhance the site behind the scenes, increasing its functionality. We anticipate adding logins with separate credentials (admins get access to admin areas, Keoland writers get access to general writers and Keoland writing areas, etc.). We plan on having forums, as well as other increased functionality.

If you are interested in helping Greyhawk Reborn in this position, please contact Dave Guerrieri at info@greyhawkreborn.net


Dave Guerrieri,

GHR Lead

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