May 5 Gameday at Dream Wizards in Rockville, MD

Hello fellow gamers! Greyhawk Reborn is eager to bring you the following GHR play opportunities! This is a wonderful opportunity for all the gamers that play GHR at BFGCon to come out and play some more Greyhawk Reborn!

*** Registration & Sign-ups now open for this game day ***

We will be offering 2 slots of 2 tables each at Dream Wizards. Signups are now open for this GHR Game Day Event!

During Slot 1 (11 am to 3 pm), we are offering 1 table of each of the following adventures:

GHR-KEO17-14 Old Salt, New Wounds by Casper “Ninja” Sams with James Hamblin & Dave Guerrieri
In the current climate of the Empire knowledge is power. Gradsul has a need for knowledge, and is looking for help to acquire it. Anything overtly hostile could be the spark that lights a political powder keg, so discretion is an absolute must. Will you prove your resourcefulness and loyalty? A four-hour Story-arc Social Urban Intrigue adventure for characters level 1-10, and Part 1 of The Best Laid Plans story. NOTE: This adventure is focused on resourceful problem solving rather than open combat. The ‘Intrigue’ tag represents a greater focus on skills and roleplaying. Understand as a player, actions may have great and sudden consequences, and the players at the table drive the direction of this adventure.

GHR-GEO15-01 Fury of the Mountain by David O’Connor and Marc Yudson
Do you think you have what it takes to be a Dwarven Battlerager? Well, Auxlan Deepforge does but he may need a nudge and his uncle Llywr Krelor Deepforge is seeking the help of able adventurers to help his kin. A one-round Stand-alone Social Bar Combination adventure for character levels 1-5.

During slot 2 (4 pm to 8 pm), we are offering 1 table of each of the following adventures:

GHR-LTM16-01 High Council at Kellentur by John Dow
The Lortmils are awash in violence! Orcs, goblinoids, and giant-kin invade from the Pomarj and Suss Forest, while the grey dwarves and their hobgoblin allies attack from the depths! The time is nigh to establish a high council of all the dwarf clans and surface communities to develop plans to combat the enemy. You have been summoned to give council for the leaders of the Lortmils at the Grand Hunting Lodge of Kellentur. A one-round Universal Wilderness adventure set in the Lortmil Mountains for character levels 1-10, and Part 5 of the Lortmil Menace story arc.

GHR-SEA16-08 Seeing Hool’s Out There by Ryan Radgoski, Sean McClellan and Anthony Keller
Sir Kinth is certain there’s something sinister going on in the Hool. He seeks brave adventurers to scout the “uncharted” parts of the marsh and report back with their findings. An exploration universal wilderness adventure set in the Hool Marsh during CY 616 and Part 1 of the Scouring the Swamp story arc for character levels 1-4.

As a reminder, Greyhawk Reborn will also be at MEPACON Scranton, PA next weekend, Friday through Saturday, April 27-29

MepaCon Spring is being held at the Hilton Scranton & Conference Center 100 Adams Avenue Scranton, Pennsylvania from Friday, April 27 through Sunday, April 29. Greyhawk Reborn will be offered all 7 slots of MepaCon, and we are planning a Dreadwood interactive special event as well as 7 GHR premiere adventures. More details on MepaCon can be found at

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We look forward to seeing you soon!

Best Regards,
Dave Guerrieri,
GHR Lead

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