MEPAcon Spring 2018 Thanks

Hello Gaming Friends,

We had another amazing weekend of Greyhawk Reborn at MEPACON in Scranton, PA this past weekend! We loved DM’ing and playing with all our familiar faces, and loved meeting and gaming with our new players! We ended up running 35 tables of Greyhawk Reborn, including 6 tables of The Forest Entwined, our MEPACON Spring Interactive Special Event.

We would like to thank the people who helped make Greyhawk Reborn at MEPACON a great success!

• First, a thank you to every player who sat and played at our GHR tables. Lots of laughs were had, lots of dice were rolled, many foes were vanquished, and innocents were saved. Lots of fun was had on both sides of the screen. Our first priority is everyone’s enjoyment and entertainment. Your spare time is very valuable, and we thank you for choosing to spend some of your valuable time with Greyhawk Reborn.

• A big thank you to our GMs for MEPACON: Jay Stypinski, John “Blaise” Lent, Scott Davenport, Ryan Radgoski, Ken Watkins, Casper “Ninja” Sams, Marc Berlove, Tom Garlic, Gary Allison, TJ Shorb, Joe Krull, and the Masked DM. You folks are the reason for our player’s enjoyment! GHR is dependent upon the quality of our judges, and our repeat play and continued growth shows how good you folks are. I’ll put you up against any other campaign out there!

• A big thank you to Ed Lehman, Casey O’Donovan and the rest of the MEPACON crew. No con has a more professional, more helpful or friendlier staff. Hats off to your folks!

On a personal note, GHR & myself wish Ed and Casey the best in your future endeavors, with health and happiness for you and those you care about. You will be missed, and leave a void (and many wonderful memories), but your vision and ideas will carry forward!

We look forward to working with Trisha, Donald, Erik, Katie, and Lance, the new Board of Directors for MEPACON! I’m sure you fine folks will carry on the great MEPACON tradition of being the most attendee-friendly convention in the mid-Atlantic!

We have a GHR Game Day scheduled for this Saturday, May 5 at Dream Wizards in Rockville, MD. Information and sign ups can be found at

Greyhawk Reborn will also be at Dex Con in Morristown, NJ on July 4-8. We are working on the schedule now, and more information may be found at

We are also planning on game day events in our play areas, and are currently working with author/DMs and game stores to schedule some game days.

This fall, we plan on being at Gamers of Summer in Harrisburg, PA, WashingCon in Washington, DC, and MepaCon Fall in Scranton, PA.

For more information regarding Greyhawk Reborn, you may use the following links:
• our GHR website, at
• our GHR Facebook Group, at
• our GHR Game Day page, at
• our GHR Yahoo Group, at
• our GHR Facebook page, at

For any questions you may have about Greyhawk Reborn, please contact Dave Guerrieri at

On behalf of our GHR admins and judges, thank you again for choosing to spend some of your valuable money and even more valuable time to participate in our Greyhawk Reborn campaign! We look forward to seeing you at a table soon!

Best Regards,
Dave Guerrieri,
Greyhawk Reborn Lead

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