Narrative: Fall, CY 613 – And so it begins

Fall, 613 CY, Cryllor, temple to Pelor

“And so it begins.”

Brother Conrad finished putting the last bandage on the arm of the teamster and was explaining the need to keep the dressing dry and clean when a knock at his door interrupted him. He excused himself, walked to the door and opened it. Outside was a tall man dressed in the robes of their order standing in the flagstone hall. “Father Bartholomew, please enter.” said Brother Conrad as he swung the door wide, bidding him to enter. He first met this man here, shortly after he arrived after the Time of Troubles.

Brother Conrad furtively watched Father Bartholomew as he finished with his patient. He saw Father Bartholomew study the furnishings, books and the small golden icon to their god, then gaze out the small window with his one good eye, seemingly impatient. Brother Conrad finished with the teamster, led him to the door, and returned to his guest. “It is good to see you Father, will you be here long?” Brother Conrad was fond of Father Bartholomew, enjoyed his stories, and wished to see the lands like he did. But Conrad’s talents lay in the healing arts, not the conversion of the masses and his order needed that more than converts now, especially in a city filled to the brim with people.

“Just a few days Brother Conrad, I am here to see the Lord Abbot. I have news, wonderful news.” Conrad saw the joy in the one good eye as he studied the face of Father Bartholomew. It was a joy he had not seen in a very long time. “Our lord has seen fit to reveal a glimpse unto me.”

“The light is returning.”

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