Registration now open for MEPAcon!

***** Greyhawk Reborn at MEPACON Spring 2018 – Scranton, PA – Friday through Sunday, April 27-29 *****

Registration is now open for Greyhawk Reborn at MEPACON Spring 2018 in Scranton, PA on April 27-29, 2018.

We are thrilled to announce we have SEVEN thrilling Greyhawk Reborn premiere adventures and a Saturday afternoon Interactive Special Event scheduled for Spring MEPACON! You can play something new every slot of the con! We are offering 5-6 tables each slot at MEPACON, so there are plenty of options for everyone! Of course, we will also have other recent and classic adventures for you to play.

Our authors and admins are excited about the new adventures that are premiering at MEPACON. We have the THREE conclusions to the Dreadwood story arc we have spun over the past two MEPACONs, the Dormant Nightmare story, the Fall of the Old Guard arc, and the New Growth tales. Also related to that story arc is The Forest Entwined, our Interactive Special Event that will wrap up some Dreadwood tales. In addition, we have part two of two rousing story arcs, the Tainted Coins story and the Were Evil Lies saga. We have another chapter in our Greyhawk by Night saga as well, so there is lots of GHR goodness to be had at Spring MEPACON this year!

Here at the descriptions for our Greyhawk Reborn premieres at Spring MEPACON!

GHR-BIS18-02 Witch Hunt by Marc Berlove

The threat posed by Hag of the Whispering Woods can no longer go unchecked. The Baron of Skogend has called for adventurers to accompany him on his quest to drive her from his woods once and for all. A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness adventure for character levels 5-10, and the culmination of the Trouble in the Woods story-arc.

GHR-KEO18-07 Problems Lion Around by Ken Watkins & Dave Guerrieri

According to the guards, Tulath was a normal, compliant inmate until the nightmares returned the past few nights. The visions have been so strong and intense that Tulath has not slept for several nights. Normally a quiet and compliant inmate, Tulath has now escaped incarceration, and your help is requested to find him. To what lengths is Tulath willing to go to make the nightmares stop? A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness adventure for character levels 1–10, and Part 3 and the conclusion of the Dormant Nightmares story.

GHR-KEO18-08 Of Duties and Obligations by Scott Davenport & Dave Guerrieri

The Dreadwalkers have requested your presence at the trial of one of their own.  Captain Ecuyer has been placed under arrest for violating his oath by taking treasonous actions against the Dreadwalkers.  A trial like this has not been held in over a century and the penalty, if convicted, is death. A four-hour Social Wilderness adventure for character levels 1-10, and the Part 3 Conclusion of the Fall of the Old Guard story.

GHR-KEO18-09 Stars Over the Dreadwood by Ryan Radgoski & Dave Guerrieri

The Old Guard Dreadwalkers have been growing increasingly militant, but know they’ve crossed a line. One of their patrols have captured and detained a dignitary from the Hold of the Sea Princes, bringing a tense political situation to the breaking point. The Old Guard have demands, not least of which is the exploration of a mysterious tower that has appeared in their territory. Who will be brave enough to venture into the unknown, and keep the peace? A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness/Dungeon adventure for character levels 3-8, and Part 3 and the conclusion of New Growth story arc.

GHR-KEO18-10 A Score of Hawks by Tom Garlic

Is an orphanage funded by the compassion of adventurers hiding some nefarious purpose?   And who is reaping the benefits?  A rebel group seeks answers. Will you answer their call? A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness adventure for character levels 3-12, and Part 2 of the Tainted Coins story.

GHR-KEO18-11 A Lily in the Hool by Gary Allison

Bogtown once again needs your help. A friend is missing and there’s blood in the water. Will you once again answer the call? A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness adventure for character levels 3-8, and Part 2 of the Were Evil Lies story-arc.

GHR-GBN18-02 A Maiden’s Fare by John “Blaise” Lent with Jay Stypinski, Casper “Ninja” Sams & Ryan Radgoski

Confusion growing deeper, it can’t be solved alone.

The spirit of cooperation will set the proper tone.

Together must you reunite a Maiden with a Mother and a Crone.

An infuriatingly complicated four-hour Stand-alone Universal Urban adventure for character levels 11-15 set in the Empire of Iuz. [Targeted toward mature audiences, all GHBN adventures deal with content that might be objectionable to some audiences. Moral ambiguity, graphic violence, and other darker themes will be explored. Parental guidance is advised.]

GHR-SPE18-02 The Forest Entwined by GHR Staff

Much has been transpiring in the Dreadwood the past few years, and events are coming to a crux. The Dreadwalkers appear torn, with the Old Guard becoming more militant and withdrawn. The fey have returned to the ancient forest with their old conflicts. The primal forces of nature seem to be hurtling towards a pivotal moment. Will you rise to meet the challenges at this critical time? A four-hour Story-arc Universal Wilderness interactive special event for character levels 1-16, and the concluding resolutions of various Dreadwood stories.

NOTE: As you sign up for adventures, please note the level ranges of the adventures scheduled for each slot. We have some adventures with a wide range of levels, and we have scheduled some of them at a smaller level range than what the adventure offers, allowing for a better play opportunity with smaller level ranges of players at the table. 

MEPACON Spring takes place at the Hilton Scranton and Conference Center (100 Adams Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503) in downtown Scranton. Rooms may be reserved at the rate of $124 a night for standard king or double rooms. Please call 570-343-3000 to make your reservations. Any remaining rooms are returned to the hotel’s inventory for public availability.

More MEPACON Con information can be found at, and game registration is available on Warhorn at

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We looking forward to seeing you at MEPACON!

Best Regards,

Dave Guerrieri,

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