Our admins are volunteers with vast experience in their listed responsibilities who run and manage the various needs of the campaign. Click admins’ photos for more information.

Dave Guererri – Lead Admin


Keith Garrigan – GenCon Event Organizer


Anthony Keller
Anthony Keller – Campaign and Story Coordinator


Sam McMullen – Lead Editor and Convention Support











TJ Shorb
TJ Shorb – Campaign Guilds and Organizations


Matt Dunn


John 'Blaise' Lent
John ‘Blaise’ Lent


Jay Stypinski












Ben Eastman
Ben Eastman


Team members


Purpose:  Members will be involved in the creation, editing and modification of campaign documents. Members will be in charge of changes to authoring standards. Members will be responsible for changes made to the campaign standards. Members will be responsible for collaborating with the Campaign Options and Plot and Story Teams in order to update these documents appropriately.

Team Members: Judy Rudolph, Bill Moore, W.K. Nolen

Board Members: Jay Stypinski, Samantha McMullen

Team Lead: Ben Eastman



Purpose:  Members will be responsible for the creation and launch for standards in creating Campaign Groups; be points of contact for players and staff who will wish to create and modify their Campaign Groups; be responsible for the creation of guidelines for creating different Campaign Groups and Adventuring Companies; and maintain a list of the different Campaign Groups and documentation of their resources and holdings.

Team Members: Scott Davenport

Board Members: TJ Shorb, Dave Guerrieri

Team Lead: Matt Dunn



Purpose:  Members will be responsible for the creation and balance of new or existing campaign options; review new official material from Wizards of the Coast to include in further campaign documents; and review and revise material submitted for inclusion in further campaign documentation with the intent to balance this content with existing game rules.

Team Members: Kevin Boardman, Ian Weise

Board Members: Jay Stypinski,  Casper “Ninja” Sams

Team Lead: John Lent



Purpose: Members will be responsible for maintaining and creating revenue streams, maintaining exact records of financial transactions, and creating fundraising opportunities for the campaign organization. Members will maintain an inventory of campaign organization resources including promotional material; digital resources and income; prize or material support; and other merchandise in stock.

Team Members: Dave Guerrieri, Sam Tagliaferre, Neil Coward, Tom Garlic

Team Lead: Keith Garrigan



Purpose:  Members will oversee and coordinate different story arcs from different regions of play; develop opportunities for cross regional stories; set a premiere schedule for different modules and publication deadlines for authors as appropriate to the meta-plot and convention/premiere schedule; and coordinate with Website and Media to put out regular website updates including the GHR Dispatch.

Team Members: Jay Stypinski, John Lent

Board Members: Keith Garrigan, Anthony Keller, Matt Dunn

Team Lead: Dave Guerrieri



Purpose:  Members will be responsible for creating, maintaining and expanding the campaign organization’s presence on the internet and social media while maintaining and improving the website for the campaign. Members will be have administrative responsibilities for social media websites, including, but not limited to Google Plus, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Board Members: Justin Vacula, Josh Zenker, Beth Rimmels

Team Lead: Dave Guerrieri