Do you enjoy playing Greyhawk Reborn? Did you want to see Greyhawk Reborn in your area? Do you want to make a difference in the world of Greyhawk? If you’re interested in what we are doing and want to see us expand, take a look below to see how you can help us improve and shape the Greyhawk experience for our deep-rooted Greyhawk enthusiasts and newly introduced Greyhawk fans!

We anticipate that the campaign’s growth will also draw creative, reliable, and exuberant people willing to join and volunteer to add to the campaign. As more regions become available for play, we plan to implement guilds and professions for players to join, a full-fledged free-standing website, and in-character forums for posts. To do so, we need authors and volunteers to play and promote Greyhawk Reborn in their local areas. Not only are the PCs affecting the story, but also players impact the story as we plan to bring Greyhawk Reborn off the table and into the virtual world. How fast Greyhawk Reborn grows and how far it expands is up to the players. The Greyhawk Reborn Admins look forward to the journey!


Authors are an important part of the our living campaign. Greyhawk Reborn needs authors and Dungeon Masters willing to create adventures and run them at game days and conventions. Several regions are currently available for adventures, the most developed being the Hold of the Sea Princes and Keoland. Authors work with regional leads to build adventures that impact Greyhawk Reborn’s storyline. The GHR Admins are excited to work with authors in our current GHR footprint and encourage other authors to help us expand Greyhawk Reborn into new areas. We seek groups of writers to develop a small area working with the regional leads, gaming stores, and convention organizers to expand the GHR footprint. Visit our Author and DMs Page for more information.


The addition of art to the campaign provides a strong visual component to the creative world of Greyhawk. Artists should have experience in graphic design, conceptual design and/or geographical design. While we intend to stay true to the Greyhawk setting as the Flanaess is rebuilt, it needs new updated representations of maps and cartography, renderings of monsters and NPCs, and icons of Greyhawk heraldry. Visit our Artists Page for more information.


With great authorship comes great editors. Editors review, edit, modify, consolidate and format across the various written documents of the campaign. They get a sneak peak of new adventures, get to work on supporting documents to improve the campaign integrity, and provide the service of improving each document to provide an incredible play experience for players and a simple, efficient document for DMs. Visit our Editors Page for more information.

Campaign Group Organizers

We expect many of the old Living Greyhawk organizations still exist while new organizations are developing. Campaign Group Organizers (CGOs) assist in developing a Campaign Group by managing it and acting as a point-of-contact for the group as it develops and expands. One new and exciting feature to Greyhawk Reborn’s Campaign Groups is their focus on role-play to immerse players into the world. Currently, a small list of Campaign Groups exist including guilds, religious groups, military groups and political groups within each region of the campaign with new Campaign Groups being introduced via story. Visit our CGOs Page for more information.

Specific Area Organizations

Specific Area Organizations (SAOs) are a vital part of Greyhawk’s return to fame. SAOs are a group of people (4-8) in a real-world, geographical area that develop a specific location in Greyhawk. The group is responsible for creating storylines, writing adventures, running adventures, developing regional groups, and organizing events. The group works with the GHR Leads to preserve campaign continuity. The specific location to be developed in Greyhawk can range from one specific town and surrounding area to a large area such as a province or even a small country. The GHR Leads approve an area based on the in-game location, the geographical location, the number of SAOs offering to organize and the available player base. Feel free to contact the GHR Leads to petition for a particular location of interest. Visit our SAOs Page for more information.

Do you want to be part of the Greyhawk Reborn experience? If you are interested, fill in the form below including your applicable skills and gaming background:

Expect an email from one of the GHR Leads that will introduce himself or herself and work with you one-on-one through the “Getting Involved” process. During that time, we will get to know you and your skills and give you specialized instruction based on your position(s) of choice!

Do you have something specific in mind that you can offer that is not listed above? We are interested in hearing from you! Send us an email to info@greyhawkreborn.net with the bulleted information listed above and tell us about your ideas.


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